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Here they are: welcome Supafly Collective, Skyentist and M&T

Posted on: 2016 March 25th


It’s that time again! About two months after announcing the last names, we’re back with three new ones. These are busy times but we here at Kurious are loving every second of it. Our steps with Housified in collaboration with Ravenous for instance, or the great Soul Shakers taking their game to the next level on Met Mij Mee with the kings in ZwartWerk and KD Soundsystem. We might even have a video for it underway…

Let’s get down to business though. Like a bunch of proud fathers who’ve just seen their boys shine like crazy on the local football team, we introduce to you:


The lasses in SupaFly Collective are out to serve you the best of all things hip hop. Juggling fresh beats from the golden era of rap to trap nastyness, combined with the best hits from day one to now, but most of all, making it look easy. Dj’s Vaneeshua, Young Mocro, Fatoosan and MikiGold can be heard on the national radio too: every Thursday they host a live radioshow at 9 PM on FM Brussel. Go check that out here and keep an eye out for them on a stage nearby, as they ‘ve been on the road with the likes of Dilated Peoples, Jedi Mind Tricks, Slum Village and more. Quite the catch dont you say?


Our Drum And Bass family is been steadily growing and it’s great to see so much livelyhood in the Belgian scene. These guys were flying solo as Meddik and Toxidelic for a whole while before they teamed up as M&T, but their D&B flag has been steadily waiving since day one and will undoubtedly keep on doing so! Ask the crowd at huge festivals like Outlook, Tomorrowland, or Laundry Day: they’ll know how M&T murk the decks. Their endeavours landed them two nominations in the past years at the Drum And Bass Arena Awards, and it’s only going to get better.


By the time this young fella was 18 he had a release on his name on Binary with more than 100,000 plays. Boom. Do you know what you were doing when you were 18? We were probably trying to grow our beard for the first time, or something alike. Not Skyentist. He’s been throwing everything into the fight and it’s done him nothing but good. Future House Records would agree, having made him resident. All about those smooth Uk Garage and House vibes!

A new year means new additions to the team!

Posted on: 2016 January 14th


We’ve had a great year, celebrating our first anniversary and going on all sorts of amazing journeys, of which you can read all in the previous blog posts on this very website!

Looking ahead, we’ve found some great talent that has been added to the Kurious family. Without further ado, we present you: Skyve, Mc Miyagi, James Marvel and Junior Goodfellaz.



If you’ve ever heard of Studio Brussel, you’ve heard of Skyve.
The man who’s solely responsible for everything related to music over at the national radio station. The one who works the decks with Gunther D. He’s performed (almost) literally every festival Belgium has to offer. On top of all this, he’s also starting a new radio item called ‘I got Skyve on it’. Oh and to top all this craziness off, he’s recently started a new project called Skyve Soundsystem. A mash up parade filled with the likes of Mc Mota, Radical, Kurious’ own Mc Miyagi and Killa Mahani.
Mc Miyagi is his trusted Asian sidekick, pumping up the jam as if it’s what he was born to do! Rave on!


unnamed (1)

James Marvel is a new signee that we’re very proud of.
A recent nomination for the Drum & Bass Arena Awards – in a few different categories, mind you – have only further justified our view. He’s just scored two different underground hits on national radio Studio Brussel together with his partner in crime, Mc Mota. Their collab track “Way of the warrior” found its way to every Drum & Bass lover’s heart and the two are undoubtedly there to stay! The track even got to the top of the Beatport charts for several weeks and, mark my words, it won’t be the last time they end up there.



His name might have you think he’s a newbie but please, don’t be mistaken. Junior Goodfellaz has been dropping quality Hiphop, Future and Trap beats for quite some time now. Gigs at Ancienne Belgique (BXL), Vooruit, a residency at Charlatan and Culture Club (all in Ghent), not to forget his set last year at Dour Festival. Want more? Well, let’s conclude with the impressive note that he’s the official sidekick of the notorious TLP aka Troubleman on his radio show on Studio Brussel. BLAM!

As always, keep an eye out on our facebook page! You know it. #wearekurious


Posted on: 2015 November 24th


For those unfamiliar with Skikot and their straight up legendary ski and snowboard trips, chances are you are either too old or too much of a wuss to challenge the mountain tops! They have been organising trips for years now, from Antwerp to the likes of Ibiza, Val Thorens, St. Francois Longchamp and many others. Partnering up with Kurious is a great deal for us and we’re looking forward to giving the utmost best of ourselves in Risoul!

There for your auditive pleasures in the epic Après Ski huts, we present you without further ado:

Risoul: 23/01 – 30/01
St. Sorlin & St. Jean d’Arves: 30/01 – 06/02

Avoriaz: 30/01 – 06/02

Avoriaz: 23/01 – 30/01

Val Thorens: 08/02 – 14/02 (Krokus holiday)

Oh and there’s a great little treat for all you bass addicted snowheads!
If you type in the code ‘WEAREKURIOUS’ at the end of your skikot holiday booking, you’ll receive a €50 discount on your booking. Not too shabby eh?

We sure hope to see you there! Some of the best hilltops – erm – enormous mountains await you!


MASked – A night filled with kuriousities

Posted on: 2015 November 6th


Things are going fast for good old Kurious these days. After recently celebrating their first birthday over at Studay, they went on and delivered a rather tight line – up for the fifth annual MASked event in the north of Antwerp. A properly divided combination of genres made for an entertaining night, i might add.

The honours were fulfilled by the kind people in Kavka & Zappa, Het Bos and Kurious.
Visitors could wander across five stages, alternated with bars in between the eight floor mammoth of a building that is MAS. The line – up went from balls out Big Room House to eclectic Hip Hop to wavy Synth Pop and back, much to the amusement of the diverse crowd that attended.


Oh and did i mention everyone was – well, sort of – obligated to wear a mask? Fun little extra, that had me in stitches at times since people tend to get creative when it’s almost time to leave and procrastination made them forget all about the mask they were going to prepare.

Nice one lads

A Donnie Darko quote comes to mind

As for the Kurious stage, a lot can be said with few words. They’ve garnered a roster of well willing, competent rascals that sure do know how to get things going. Jonas Lion had the honour of kicking things off, which he did with flair. Visitors were coming in at a graceful pace and lots of them got stuck on the fourth floor, listening to his track selection and ample mixing capabilities. By the end of his set, lots of people went to see De Duiven, Antwerp’s newest kleinkunst meets Breakbeat act, at the Het Bos stage. An impressive live show, although the acoustics in the venue could be deemed inappropriate for such shows.

With ringing ears people gently scattered back across the other stages and in came Solco, Mr_Fuzz and Ravenous. The gents were quick to showcase Kurious’ broad musical offering, and the crowd responded with great enthusiasm. Let’s be honest, the ridiculous amount of drinks that went over the counter may have had some say in the matter. Meanwhile, the SYTYCF crew a few floors up was doing what they do best: sweet as honey funk vibes filled the room and everybody loved it. Kudos fellas.

Two or three people can clearly be seen having fun!

All in all, good times were had. Most of you that attended may or may not remember it, but a good deal of effort was put into delivering great Dj sets.
Thanks to everyone that made this happen, and on to the next one!


A closer look at our plans at MASked

Posted on: 2015 October 11th


As you might have heard somewhere through the grapevine, we here at Kurious have just had quite the splendid birthday. As a matter of fact, we’ve had such a good time that we’re planning on going twice as hard from now on! Kurious is back in full force, one might say.

This brings us to the next subject. We are hosting a stage at the epic yearly face concealment gathering at the museum at the Schelde, or MASked in short. We had tipped you guys about this before but now it’s time for the full, unbridled info sesh!

We start off at 9pm on the 29th of october, joined by our dear friends in Kavka & Zappa, Het Bos, and the So You Think You Can Funk lads. On the fourth floor , bringing you what’s really good in the realms of genre defying future, ghetto and house fueled bass.

Just for the record, here’s the time table!
9pm: Jonas Lion
11pm: Solco
0:30am: Mr_Fuzz
2am: Ravenous

RSVP right here!

Starting up is our golden lad Jonas Lion, who’ll single handedly get the crowd in that perfect gleefully happy weekend vibe, although that crowd will have to realise it’s only thursday night. He’s a versatile DJ who can adapt like no other, with an impressively broad taste in music, and an equally impressive collection of tunes at hand. Dont be lazy and show up on time!
Solco is one of our best export products in sweet, unrefined top shelve deep garage house beats. Mix in some UK bass, see people unboundedly enjoy themselves. He’s got some serious skills to match these silky smooth tracks as well, throwing in quality mixing and looking like it doens’t even phase him. class shit.

Well to be frank we’re not even going to elaborate on the last two names on our line up. They’ve been all over everything what is Kurious off late, and if you still don’t know what they are about and how they bring nothing but bangers, then, well. Get on that!

As always,



It’s our birthday, and we’re celebrating it at STUDAY

Posted on: 2015 September 24th


As we return from the amazing but not always that sunny Route Du Soleil Roadsurf trip , the next stellar event is already around the corner – and it’s bound to be a big one. We’ll be taking over the Port of Antwerp stage at Studay and we’ve got some sassy artists waiting to give the best of themselves.

Last year’s edition saw our own inauguration and it’s obviously awesome to be there again and show how we’ve grown over the past year. We try to give young local talent a stage (that is to be taken quite literally) on which they can learn and develop their skills. A year later it seems they’re more than ready and eager to showcase said progression!
There’s some exciting stuff up ahead as well, with a stage hosting at the yearly MASked event. More on that soon!

First off, let’s party like there’s no tomorrow at STUDAY!

Without further ado, here’s the line up.

13:30-15:00 SOLCO
15:00-16:00 JONAS LION
16:00-17:00 RAVING GEORGE
18:00-19:30 MR_FUZZ & JAYMEE BLXKS
19:30-20:30 POLAR YOUTH
20:30-21:30 FAISAL
RADIKAL CREW will be on stage murkin’ through the entire day!

Follow our Snapchat to get the best out of Studay 2015! add: wearekurious

BE THERE – it’s going to be one to remember fella’s.


Kurious goes surfin’

Posted on: 2015 September 14th


As of this monday, the entire Kurious family can be found over at the Bordeaux region where we’ll be surfing, relaxing, plotting and planning! ‘t Is the end of the summer for most, but we are taking up a road surfing trip with le Village De Soleil in the south of France instead, quoi! Said village is a sort of pop up vacation town that plays host to numerous surfing activities, beach parties and the likes. Expect a ton of footage of yours truly falling face first into the water, and other heroic deeds.

With us on this magnefique excursion are none others than Station Earth, Rakka, Mc Mota, Global Warming Sound with Bart Maris, Soul Shakers, Mr_Fuzz and Ravenous!

Surf’s up! See you guys next week, but be sure to follow our nasty adventures through our social media!

INSTAGRAM: @wearekurious

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/wearekurious

SNAPCHAT: wearekurious

TWITTER: @wearekurious



Posted on: 2015 September 5th


I got together for a little two on one with the lads in Cedex & Higher Underground, them having recently joined our ever expanding family, it was time to get to know all about their amazing campaign in the Drum and Bass world.

Welcome Lenn and Jef! I’d like to kick in the door with a concept that is no doubt very dear to you: the Steam D&B nights in Decadence, Ghent. Would you care to elaborate?

Well, Steam hass indeed had a tremendous impact on our lives. Not only did we start DJ’ing there, but it’s the first and sole reason we ever even began listening (and obviously partying) to Drum and Bass! When we were students in Ghent, this was our go-to night every wednesday – and it has undoubtedly motivated us to start spinning the decks! ‘t Is also the night where we’ve done our first collaborative gig, instead of spinning solo. To our absolute pleasure, the OG’s of Steam, Hookerz & Mr. Nice, then asked us to start organising and promoting the gig with them, next to a residency on each of the forthcoming line ups!

If there’s one thing that’s always stood out for us on these Steam nights, it’s quality. All of the international Dj’s that’ve played here were very progressive and most of them turned out to be established names in the scene. Mold that together with a fine selection of small and big national acts and it’s just a perfect combo.
What’s also really great about the time we’ve spent in Decadence, is the opportunities we’ve been able to give to young and upcoming talent. Something that we still deem very important!

Sounds like you did a great job there too ‘cause speaking of an evolving scene which bolsters a lot of talent, i reckon D&B is one of the front runners…
But on to an equally exciting topic, you guys are being invited by none other than the Outlook crew to come host a co-op stage there at this very moment!

Yeah… Outlook has always been an event that amazed us, seeing images and aftermovies… It looked fantastic!

But this wasn’t your first experience with them?

Two years ago someone from the Outlook team contacted us to talk about Steam, which resulted in a launch party for Outlook being thrown by us in Decadence. The line-up consisted of Break, Ant Tc 1 and DLR, some of the better ‘underground’ names out there at the time. The favour was then returned by Outlook, inviting Cedex and Higher Underground to play their great festival.

Didn’t take more than a couple of seconds before we knew we wanted a rematch this year! Our Launch Party had State of Mind and Eastcolors, and turned out to be a great succes. What was really good is that the Outlook posse took it upon themselves to invite us to host an entire stage this year, so we got a better and far more beautiful stage to play at. Yesterday we took over Noah’s Ball Room. It’s a super cosy stagen, part of the old Fort where the crew organises their festival. The stage hosting is a collab with the Intervention crew from Antwerp. Our line up consist of none others than Identity, Split personality, Gerra & Stone, Billain, Hookerz and us. We’ve been over excited for this and can’t wait to share a ton of audio and video with everyone when it’s done!

Another great feat is that we’ve been asked to take over Red Bull Elektropedia’s Snapchat yesterday. Read all about it on our facebook page and keep and eye out!

There’s no doubt. These lads are balling. Thanks for the time guys and have a blast!


Rakka is back, take a seat!

Posted on: 2015 September 1st


So, Rakka, first off… Let’s look back at the ferocious summer you’ve just had! More than 20 shows throughout the land – including a touchdown in France – you must be feeling tired?

Not extremely tired, but to be honest: my body feels the ‘pressure’. [Smiling] We knew in advance that it was going to be a heavy summer. So before the start, I quit drinking for a month and a half, trained 4 days a week and lost around 15 kg. I felt really good and was totally ready for the rest of the summer!

I’ve heard quite some descriptions concerning your live performances, my favourite one being that you transform into a living can of Red Bull when you step onto the stage. Where would you say this unending stream of energy comes from?

No freaking idea! I do remember when it started way back. All alone in my bedroom with some turntables at my mothers house. I used to lock myself up and practice 10 hours a day on my scratching ‘skills’. And after some time… Kinda wondered like… Why shouldn’t I have fun while I’m practicing? I expect from audiences to dance on these performances right? So why wouldn’t I do the same?

So that was the start. And I don’t know – It kinda just kept on growing naturally, it was never a conscious choice. It just felt right!

Is it hard to inject all that energy into the song you create?

On the producing level, off course I’m trying to bring over the energy I love… But moreover, I’m bringing my view from mash up dj sets into the productions of tunes. Some things just feel good together. Old and new, also from completely different areas of the genre spectrum, even though they don’t ‘match’ at first sight.
Anyhow, once I really ignored all those boundaries, it became interesting for me. Mix reggae with kuduro, trap with soca, moombahton with dancehall, reggae with new disco samples… I just don’t have enough concentration to stick with one genre.

Speaking of Mash Up! Today sees the release of the powerhouse release that is Bizzi Bazzi. Tell us what happened!

The first of September is D-day! [Laughs] Recorded the clip months ago, but didn’t find a good moment to share it. What better time than my first working day at school as Mr. Teacher! Because that’s what I love to do in the daylight hours.

Peep the smash remix Bizzi Blazzi right here, released on the first day of school, and subscribe on Rakka’s Youtube channel!



Posted on: 2015 July 6th


So by now you’ve probably heard of our third new signing. The one and only, larger than life, MC Mota has joined our ever expanding crew, and he’s already making waves the size of a tsunami in Thailand. His first release on vinyl per instance, Caught up, a collab with Eastcolors that came out on the first of June. If you receive amazing feedback from none other than Dj Marky, Total Sience, Technical and so forth, that should at least mean you’re doing something good, right? Kinda like the 100K views this banger here has gathered in the past two months since its release!

Next to that are a couple of sick collabs with our own Station Earth and Soul Shakers Soundsystem. For more info on those, read up on our other posts here at kurious.be!

Only recently was he invited for Paaspop in Holland, through a personal message on facebook by the lads in Camo & Crooked. For those unfamiliar, those lads these days are amongst the kings of the drum’n’bass scene! Imagine opening your inbox on a cloudy, sad monday and stumbling upon that kind of news!

Then, there’s his venture over the international waters. Turns out last weekend’s gig in London might‘ve just been a small Hospital Records family gathering with a cozy BBQ sesh. Hospital Records being one of the biggest international labels in drum and bass music. Having him invited to host one of their most memorable nights of the year: The Hospitality Midsummer BBQ at Studio 338 in London. The stuff of dreams, init.
… And who knows what else might come out of these get togethers.

Another noteworthy, recent release is the one on UK label Audio Porn, together with James Marvel

This tune has again been receiving monster feedback by some of the biggest names in the scene, amongst which but not limited to DJ Aphrodite, Drumsound & Bassline Smith and Dirtyphonics. It has also seen a lot of national coverage, having been spinned on Studio Brussel’s Switch Top 30 for more than a month. Not too shabby if you ask us!

Next to James Marvel’s place, Mota loves working in his own studio, which he has been greatly investing in. It’s just lovely to see a whole lot of the revenue an artist takes home reinvested in projects like these, something you do, simply, because you are passionate about your job!

Needless to say eyes should be kept peeled on Mc Mota. We’ll make it easy for you and keep you up to date on the latest. For an overview on Mc Mota’s career so far, peep his bio here.

Ya get me fam! #STAYKURIOUS

U007 Hardrive – Deep Inside (Mr_Fuzz Remix)

Posted on: 2015 June 29th


For being such a young fella, Mr_Fuzz has already gained a lot of respect & support for his remix work. One of the latest bootlegs he made of Rick Ross’ Hustlin got support from Angger Dimas & even Laidback Luke played it in his Mixmash radioshow. On top of that, Vicious Bitch only just released Mr_Fuzz’ first official remix, a Jersey Club edit of DJ Funk & Spenda C single “Pop’n Champagne”. This one got huge support from people like ETC(!)ETC(!), Ape Drums, Hasse De Moor, Swagglerock, Don Rimini and Belgium’s own TLP Troubleman!

Not an easy task if you want to remix a world-known classic tune such as Hardrive’s “Deep Inside”. But Mr_Fuzz has taken the track to an unique level in this currently genre-crossing world. Combining future beat influences into the raw structure of Jersey Club, Mr_Fuzz managed to pull of some tight work. Resulting in an uplifting remix that still contains the fluent “Deep Inside” sample, keeping you going all night!

Perhaps the name Mr_Fuzz doesn’t ring a bell right away, but you might’ve heard his tracks in dj-sets or youtube clips from all over the world. Michael Duinkerke, or Mr_Fuzz, started producing twerk & trap back in 2013, quickly evolving into Jersey en Future Club. In the last 2 years he’s made over 40 tracks, got over 150.000 plays on his soundcloud page & way over 1million views on youtube! There’s even a couple of Russian choreography vids with his M.I.A. remix as the soundtrack. In 2014 the great Trippy Turtle dropped his Destiny’s Child remix at Tomorrowland and in 2015 Spenda C asked him to officially remix that new single “Pop’n Champagne” with the legendary DJ Funk!

So the future is looking bright for this 24-year-old Dutchman who’s actually been livin’ in Antwerp (Belgium) for the best of his life. He started out deejaying at local parties – playing electro & fidget house. Over the years Mr_Fuzz has grown into his own mixture of Bass music. His sets are an energetic combination of Jersey Club, Future Bass, Trap & Twerk. This season you’ll be able to catch him live at several Belgian festivals!

As for now, enjoy this subtle banger and keep it deep inside!

Soul Shakers Soundsystem – A force to be reckoned with

Posted on: 2015 May 14th


After years of building experience – not to mention a loyal following – the Soul Shakers squad is gearing up. Our own beloved scene- mashers are going all in, with the announcement of the addition of a host and a return to true form. Introducing: Soul Shakers Soundsystem.

No one less than MC Mota is joining their ranks as host. Enter a totally new musical project, swathed in Jamaican vibes, finished of with a hint of London Bashment.
The guys will be focussing completely on this new blueprint. No better way of showcasing this news than by watching the amazing aftermovie of one their latests gigs, Lighters Up!

This event saw Mc Mota Spitting fire for the Soundsystem for the very first time, whilst the Shakers brought the barrage of bass. Lighters Up is a project that Soul Shakers themselves launched a while ago, boasting a portfolio with the likes of Yellow Claw, Munchi and Shy Fx. Last edition saw them unhinging an entire Charlatan in Ghent together with the one and only Major Lazer.
It’s a concept promoting the Tropical Bass scene in Belgium. Delivering a wide range of bass music, combining styles from all over the world. Original Shotta style, with a fresh spin to that modern sound. From Ghetto House to UK Funk, from Reggae to Jungle, Afro, Dancehall and Bass. Don’t miss out on the future events, ‘cause there are some steaming hot plans in the pipeline…

Finishing off with a premiere, ‘cause that’s what every editor / blogger loves to do! The Soul Shakers Soundsystem will be supporting it’s inauguration with the release of a package of 8 Jamaican Bootlegs. Simmering bass in a true soundsystem style wrap, peep the first release below!

Best of all, these Bootlegs are up for grabs – free of charge. Put them in your favourite audio player, heavy rotation!

Incoming! Batch Three is here

Posted on: 2015 May 12th


We have some big news for you. After a couple of new additions in the past couple of months, this time we are unleashing an unholy trinity of new artists upon you!
First off, there’s Mr_Fuzz. This Jersey Club pioneer is one gnarly producer with a ton of stupefying work in the making. After dropping a few perfect mixes showcasing his talent behind the decks, he swiftly took it upon himself to start producing.

Things went off real nice, rather quick. Peep the video below that featured his track, making some of the largest twerkstars in Russia show us what’s really good.

Not saying the lady in the red shorts had nothing to do with it, but over a million views is never a bad thing. Keep an eye open for an in – depth article on Mr_Fuzz and the marvelous Jersey Club bangers he’s grown to love so much.

Our second addition to the roster, Rakka, is one of those guys that just gets to you. His skills as an entertainer are large as life and his energy onstage is relentless. Mashing up whatever comes his way, as if his future depended on it. Oh wait, it does. Rakka has been all over Belgium – Tomorrowland, Elements Festival,… you name it – and abroad, rocking his t-shirt like a flag all over Europe. Don’t take my word for it though, and have a look at what last summer has looked like for our Mash Up Frank Sinatra (quoting Major Lazer’s own Walshy Fire)

Mc Mota is more of a statue than a regular artist. His name has grown so much over the years, Mc’ing for a ton of names on a ton of gigs and festivals.. If you can list Andy C and Chase & Status as the ones you’ve shared the stage with, well then, hats off to you too good sir! Said stages also include Tomorrowland, Pukkelpop, Rampage, Dour, SUNandBASS, Outlook,.. The list goes on! More on Mc Mota soon.
A rather recent banger he’s done with Liquicity can be heard here.

Welcome to the family guys! #WEAREKURIOIS

All about that Jersey Club – An interview with our own Mr_Fuzz

Posted on: 2015 May 10th


“Well, I used to be a big Dutch House fan. The synths, the drum patterns,… I’ve always had a passion for vocal drops too. Safe to say Jersey Club was a perfect match. I took the drums and the vocal drops and I just knew where to go from there. To top it off, I’ve been listening to Hip Hop and R’n’B for ages now, and the way it blends together with Jersey is quite perfect.”

There you have it. New Genres come and go, others serve as a platform on which new mutations sprout and evolve. Jersey Club has been around for quite some time now, but is off late gathering more than a bit of popularity. Many jokes have been made comparing it to the all time favourite reality TV show Jersey Shore, but let me stop you right there and assure you; they have next to nought in common.


But why not leave the words to someone who’s been digging into it for way longer than I have. Introducing one of our own, Mr_Fuzz.

“I’ve known the Baltimore scene from before I even got into contact with Jersey club. I liked the sound of Baltimore Club but then when I landed on Jersey I noticed i had found my true Jam. The Baltimore sound is, to me, also a tad more repetitive. I do however keep dropping the likes of Sega and Bart B More in my DJ sets.”

“My first real introduction to Jersey was through Swizzymack (PhillyClub), and thereafter came fav’s like Big O, Sliink, Nadus, 4B, Fucboi and Trippy Turtle.
I had been producing Trap & Twerk before, but then the Jersey sound came by and it just felt right from the get go.”

So do you produce straight up Jersey Club or are there some other influences to be found in the mix?

“Well I do tend to diverge a little from the original Jersey vibe, add a little of my own into it.
The Jersey sound hailing from Newark is rather rough, and does not seem to have much of a basic structure. My own experiences have brought some more structure and key elements, adding up to a mix that works fluently.”


“Also I’d like to add that I really do respect all that is the American Jersey Club movement. Not too long ago I was looking at this documentary on Thumb where it kind of appeared that people were bothered that we, hailing from a ‘better society’, or atleast with a more popular edm scene, took their sound and kind of ran away with it. Hence my notion of respect for the originals!”

You’ve been getting loads of support from big names out there like ETC(!)ETC(!) and Laidback Luke, the latter having dropped one of your tunes in a mix he’s done for
Mixmash HQ in Amsterdam. [Peep the featured song below]

I’d say things are surely looking up for you… As a certified connoiseur, tell us! What should we deffo be listening to?

“So many quality releases to choose from! I’d say Miami Kiss by Theodor, an experimental and super dope Jersey-ish track that is a given in every set I’ll play. You simply can’t go wrong with it.”


“Also check out Dougie F & DJ Fire – Back Up On It (Jasmine) – it’s that perfect combination of Hiphop and Jersey Club. THAT flow, namysain?”


“Last but so very far from least, a tune by two of my absolute favourites. Sliink & Nadus. These fellas come straight from Jersey and the set of keys these guys put in there.. It’s madness. Add some (air) horns. You’re there.
It’s not an equally easy tune to listen to and indugle in, which is why I wont play it as often as I’d like to.. But it’s just gotta be in here!”


LAST MINUTE EDITS – we love them. As icing on the cake Mr_Fuzz has just won the Tomorrowland contest on Belgium national radio station Studio Brussel. Listen back to the mix that got him selected – out of no less than 358 contestors ! – on the link below


That’s it for now folks. As always, keep an eye out for updates on this and many other topics.

U006 Ravenous feat. Charlotte Haining – Never Be Mine

Posted on: 2015 May 4th


Let’s just call it like it is: Ravenous is going in guns blazing with this guaranteed club house anthem. Accompanied by the ever gracious UK – based Charlotte Haining on vocals, our young talented progeny propels a track filled with harmonious synth and catchy hooks.

Think of an old school nineties house vibe, throw in some of that heavily supported Future house sound and add Ravenous’ unique feel for detail and quality. Think of a honey – like voice that takes you straight to the beaches of Cape Town, South Africa. Mix it all together. That’s right, you’ve got it. The whole thing comes together as gin and tonic, leaving nothing but a smile, and thirst for more.

Ravenous, or Laurent Moussiaux, has been producing for some time now and has been all around Belgium with his work. Tomorrowland, Studay, you name it, he’s been there. Most of his productions vary between Deep and Future house, finished off with Tech or Techno icing on top. If this is your first encounter then make sure you check his work here!

Charlotte Haining has been featured on tracks with Xilent, Rameses B and Champion. She’s definitely not a newcomer but there’s that hint of innocence in this track’s vocals that leaves no doubt on how much she means it.

As for a litle sidenote: Never Be Mine is being featured on the new Lee Cooper 2015 ad campaign called “The Makers”, working around the young and talented Penelope Deltour and Ravenous himself. Great stuff, and we are honoured to be part of it!

Without further ado we present you what might as well be this summer’s absolute smash hit, Ravenous ft. Charlotte Haining – Never Be Mine




Posted on: 2015 April 14th


Solco and Kijumba teamed up for a new tune, remixing one of those pitch perfect classics and turning it into a simmering, bass driven gem. Although you might still catch a glimpse of an André 3000 verse in there somewhere, most of the original has been completely absorbed and gracefully house-ified. The ethos was never the less kept wholly intact. Deep, burrowing basslines and a synth that keeps your head bopping from start to finish. An almost analogesque break to finish things off. Our kind of jam.

Solco is been doing his gracefully deep, garage-ish thing for a while now, and has been all over Europe with it. Oh, and South Korea.
On our own turf, you may have seen him shine at Tomorrowland, or on national radio, dropping a sweet guest mix for Switch on Stubru comprised of his own remix work and a selection of his personal faves. This month will see him releasing fresh licks on Forest Walker Records, with more works in the pipeline. Eyes peeled!

Solco’s hometown mates Kijumba have also been making waves off late with a series of gigs and a first real release out on Beatport called It’s Not About The Music. I beg to differ, fella’s!

As per usual, keep an eye out on our many social media! #WEAREKURIOUS

Waver in awe with this new video our Radikal crew just shot

Posted on: 2015 March 16th

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-16 om 23.57.21

So while the Kanye West hype on his is usual domination over the internet is finally over – we have all seen his new kicks for Adidas by now – and James Blake is being all mysterious about his new album coming out in April, our own Radikal crew is brooding on some juice all the same!

Check out this mad groovy video shoot they did at a fully undisclosed secret location. Or the underground over at Studio Brussels Headquarters. We’re not sure yet whichever sounds more legit!

Massive dancefloor killer Mashup The Dance by Major Lazer and Ward 21 is the tune to which the crew murk the place, and it fits like a glove. The images were captured by Henry Commerman and the piece was directed by Gert Fredrix. MC (aka master of choreo, right?) Marijn Celea made it all come together like a rum and coke. Hit the play button and shake it!


So the Kurious family got together for a little one on one with the camera. Here’s what really happened.

Posted on: 2015 March 11th

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-11 om 20.04.36

As our joyous little fam keeps on expanding, we act accordingly in order to keep them smiling.
So last weekend we came out to Antwerp city and documented some of said smiles!
Lots of pretty faces, a commendable urban theme and all round warm vibes, rounded off with a fun ‘making off’ clip that you can watch below.
All of our artists got a few new profile pictures taken and those will be online soon as well.

Peek the clip here and don’t forget to #STAYKURIOUS

Check out this amazing line up Lighter’s Up has in store for you

Posted on: 2015 February 13th

Schermafbeelding 2015-02-13 om 17.49.58

Today is supposed to be a traditional day of misfortune, but February’s friday the 13th has something quite decent in store for every bass loving soul. Our very own Soul Shakers have been working on this new project called Lighter’s Up, and have made some serious waves up until now.

Tonight they plan on broadening said portfolio with another one for the books: multiple clash winner & living legend David Rodigan is backed up by none other than the multiple award winning, oldskool UK drum’n’bass foundationalist Shy Fx and his Stamina Mc. You can just tell it’s going to be one to remember because of these two most amazing artists. Rodrigan is nothing short of a grandfather for everything related to reggae, from ska to dubstep and everything in between. His trackselection is probably the closest anyone will ever get to auditive perfection. Surely something that should not be missed!

English Producer and Dj Shy Fx is no less of a D&B myth either. When it is your tunes that are being reffered to when people want to explain what they love about a certain genre, well, thats a pretty clear indication you’re doing something right. And even though Original Nuttah is to loads of people probably that tune, he’s also got an entire back catalogue of tunes and dubs that easily raise the roof off any venue and will be celebrated throughout all of music’s history.

Know that the Turntable Dubbers and the promoters themselves Soul Shakers are the perfect appetizer for this bulgingly blessed night full of airhorn’s, amen breaks and homage to the kings and queens in our beloved musical landscape. MURRRRDA!

Heavily endorsed by yours truly. #WEAREKURIOUS

Enchufada head honcho Branko is embarking on a magical trip

Posted on: 2015 January 14th


Co -founder of the infamous Enchufada record label and one of the driving forces behind the equally infamous Buraka Son Systema outfit, Branko has only recently changed his moniker. Hence, some of you will know him as J-wow but – guess what happened. Yes, that’s correct. He got a few death threats from the local Italian / American Jersey Shore aficionado’s.

Branko has made an exciting announcement last week though, posting on social media that he’s about to take off and hit up a bunch of cultural hotspots in search of the truest sound and accompanying studio to craft it in. He’ll be looking for it in Amsterdam, S. Paulo, Capetown and New York. Follow him on Twitter and or Instagram for an up to date look on who he’ll be teaming up with, where, and how!
As per usual, don’t forget to peep our own social media endeavours and this very website! #wearekurious

When Radikal trains, you abide and wonder

Posted on: 2015 January 7th




They’ve shared the stage with some amazing names – Major Lazor / Sean Paul anyone?! – and now they’re in full gear to make sure 2015 is even more unforgettable.
Witness some fantastic shots made during a recent training session. High tempo – high temperature! Dancehall kings, this is as real as it gets. #staykurious for more news and updates soon!
Care to follow these hot ladies? Check out their Facebook!




Wait ‘til you see what we’re up to on NYE

Posted on: 2014 December 31st


Some of our beloved henchmen can be found spending their most precious night of all for your ear’s pleasure! Make sure to give them the warmth and love they deserve.

Captain Steel will be spinning the decks at Krak, in Avelgem. None other than the Soul Shakers will be joining him there! The latter will be closing the Charlatan venue after – because we don’t go home, we go hard.

If you prefer up tempo Amen Breaks – you’d better be raving at F*cking NYE in Bxl together with Station Earth, Ed Rush & Optical, Audio and others… Our boys ’ve got dubplates for days and you’ll wanna hear them!

Ravenous is also gearing up for a beaut of a DJ set – in Holland, over at SUBTIEL NYE in Heerlen. Catch him laying down the lines together with Justin Time and Stanley More.

CoolMan Is taking up the West of the land over at Foyer Exclusive by Xbeach
If you’re over there and looking for another kind of party you can get over to Hot Club De Gand and rave the night away with Global Warming Sound!

Wherever you are, Kurious has got you covered. We wish you all the best for 2015 and as always, keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates, amazing free tunes and more!


Posted on: 2014 December 30th


Impeccable style and rhyme kingpin Riff Raff combined with House music, you say?
Why yes, and it works incredibly well too.

Riff Raff has been up to nothing but delightful drips and flicks (i bow to thee mr. Franco) but might just be most famous for being the ultimate white boy Texanian gangster you’ve ever seen. Be sure to check out his great work for e.g. Diplo’s imprint Mad Decent.

The focal points are on his majesty’s typical vocal style which makes for a killer c-c-c-c-combo with the smooth licks and hyper UK sounding synth, thrown together and banging in after the drop – crafting this tune into a perfect dance floor anthem.

Nextweek may sound a little unfamiliar but this fresh duo has actually been going at it for quite some time, both as musicians and producers. Keep an eye out because these guys are visionaries.

Last but not least, ears to the ground for more exclusive releases! we’re thinking bass music in all it’s forms, house music in all it’s subtlety or tropical music in all it’s extravaganza.


Kaytranada set to feature monthly radioshow on BBC

Posted on: 2014 December 28th

Kaytranada - Lifestyle

This year’s edition of our Belgian festival Pukkelpop saw a whole lot of our friends come together again and enjoy some quality music. Good times in all, but at the end of the day, we discuss what music we’ve heard. It’s all we ever do, really. And one name kept on surfacing, everyone said it was hands down the best DJ performance they had seen. Kaytranada.
This young musical prodigy jammed his set full of elaborate build ups and such sweet, sweet keys and bass that the whole tent was about to come down, at pretty much every given point.
Needless to say we’ve kept our eye on him after that one special experience.

And guess what! We’ve just learned that Kaytranada is about to be hosting his show on BBC Radio 1. This only further acknowledges the broad and delightful taste of the people behind the program. Vice spoke to Kaytranada’s manager swiftly after the news got out and he confirmed to them their mutual enthousiasm.
“BBC R1 has been a massive part of Kaytranada’s success over the last two years. We have much respect for the BBC as a whole and all their hosts, so we couldn’t be happier to have Kay presenting his own show. His taste is impeccable so expect lots of great new music, and classic KayKay ad-libs.”

Be sure to check out Kaytranada’s soundcloud if you want to know what the fuss is all about and keep an eye open for his monthly BBC show coming next month!

Kurious is expanding the family!

Posted on: 2014 December 17th


As you might have noticed, we started out with a crew of bright and talented artists and have been on the lookout for eager souls to welcome into our loving arms and support. Last month has seen quite a few new additions to the team and again, we have some great news.

Without further ado: our newest family members!

Cedex & Higher Underground ft. MC 3xB
go to facebook
Two young producer – DJ’s who’ve taken the Belgian Drum&Bass scene by storm! Started out in ‘09, meanwhile landed gigs at Tomorrowland, Laundry Day and the likes. Real Go Getters!
MC 3xB aka Tripple B, has been the resident MC at Steam, Republic, Square and Tacticz and main host of Cedex and Higher Underground. A ferocious combo!

go to facebook
Gullfisk has been laying down smooth bassy deep house for a while now. First EP came out in 2012 and he’s been steadily releasing tunes on Hot & Heavy and Voxed, with another one in the pipeline as we speak. Eyes peeled!

Jonas Lion
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Jonas Lion is a great DJ that has been all over Europe with his, and I quote, variation and smooth combination between house, techno, garage, R&B, hip-hop and reggae. Soothing tunes that hit you in the heart and soul! He’s been an active part of the grandchild of Untitled! – Level 0.1 – and is, in general, prone to support any sorts of musical initiatives.

Polar Youth
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To quote Polar Youth’s Info Tagline on the web: “Some girl making music”. A tongue in cheek way of describing herself, since she’s just landed her second release on none other than Run The Trap. This one is only 19 but has a ton of ideas and we’re excited to see them manifest themselves!

As always, keep an eye out for updates on our facebook page and this very website! We’ll be briefing all you dear readers soon on the adventures that take place in our very Kurious world.

Have… you met Jaymee Blxks?

Posted on: 2014 December 4th

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-04 om 18.05.37

One of our newest Henchmen over at Kurious is Jaymee Blxks, a.k.a. Johnny Fohawk a.k.a. Ja Blakks. He’s been a master of ceremony ( or, for those unfamiliar with the abbreviation, an MC ) for about 5 years now. Make no mistake though, he’s been in the game since way before that.

Starting out with numerous projects, like being lead singer for Undefined
All The Galls anyone?! – and The Mixfitz, he thought it was time to start something fresh and thus birthed Komjong. This is his and DJ Boety’s project – you can find their monthly Ustreamed #Komjongradio shows filled with nothing but tight urban hip hop right here.

Now here’s the best part. Jaymee is set to release new work in the form of an EP in the first part of 2015. As for now, we cannot disclose any more information as this is all still very much WIP (again, abbreviation here stands for Work In Progress) but it might contain some interesting features….. Keep an eye out on the right pages and don’t forget you’ve heard it here first!



Posted on: 2014 December 2nd


This brand new Kurious release brings you a down-tempo zouk bass, mixed with twerk influences and spiced with tropical vibes. It’s a slower paced song, but don’t get fooled. These beats are made to dance your ass off!

Captain Steel is no stranger to the Belgian tropical scene. A few years ago he got noticed by Buraka Som Sistema. They decided to give the young Belgian a platform on their after parties across Europe. Nowadays Captain Steel takes his name far too serious, because for his daytime job he floats across sea with a huge ship. No worries, he’ll be back soon!

MC Diamanta on the other hand, is known from her work in the Dutch and Caribbean tropical music scenes. She also fronts the famous Kuenta I Tambu. On ‘Coming In Hot’ she sings in her native language: the special ‘papiamento’.

Kurious tried to increase the production level of this new release. And it seems to work. ‘Coming In Hot’ received a lot of great feedback. For example,【JSTJR】, who recently mixed for Diplo & Friends, is a big fan..

Keep an eye out for more updates on our facebook page



Watch out for Solco

Posted on: 2014 November 25th

Schermafbeelding 2014-11-21 om 13.59.32

Our own recently signed Solco is up in the studio working on new material. I could spend hours describing how and why this guy is going to take you by surprise, but it feels like this short teaser clip says more than a thousand words.

Good, right?! If you want a look at what he’s been doing so far, check out this fresh as f_ck mixtape he released a couple weeks ago.

As always, keep an eye out for updates on our facebook page and STAY KURIOUS!

Livesets StuDay 2014

Posted on: 2014 November 21st

Schermafbeelding 2014-11-21 om 13.59.09

So as most of you will have seen or heard, we had our own fancy little stage at this years’ STUDAY. And we had a BLAST thanks to you guys!

Next to some great memories… we have four live sets, recorded and filmed by the nice lads over at Slash9.tv that are now available. Go check them out and enjoy! Ow, and thank you for partying with us! Hope to see you guys next year..

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Station Earth:
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Captain Steel:
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The Ravenous tapes 1.0

Posted on: 2014 November 15th


We sat down with Laurent Moussiaux, our own DJ Ravenous – this is what happened.
Hi Laurent, thanks for joining us! I’ll pop off right away with the first question.
Have you dreamt of becoming a DJ your entire life, or is it something that you only recently got into?

Well, I grew up with Electronic music. My brother was an Electronic dj/producer, So I started listening to his mixtapes when I was like 11 years old.
He also took me with him whenever possible, Really funny when I look back at that though. I was 13 when he did the Tomorrowland Mainstage in 2008. After he got ear-damage I felt like it was my time to rise.

What was his Dj name? Some of us will probably know him then!

Brian – V !
So I started saving for a dj set – up. Still a big shout out to The Oddword for providing my 1st dj-mixer after winning a contest! After that I started practicing real hard, often to be found behind my set- up for like 2 hours a day. Then I started to participate in dj-contests, and that’s how I rose up in the scene.

Nice one. Well, If you ‘d have to name 3 to 5 artists that influenced you in a special way, who’d you pick? … And why?

Hmm, thats a tough one, for my look behind the dj booth I’m getting influenced by Brodinski & Gesaffelstein. Gesaffelstein is a very calm guy, he barely moves but has such an awesome charisma! Brodinski moves all the time & acts crazy, but still keeps his charisma. So, I try to focus myself on a little bit of the 2. You won’t see me grabbing a mic and asking the public to put their hands up… I let the music do the work.
For sounds I get influenced by Tchami & Shadow Child. Tchami’s sound is really crazy. He’s the king of the future house scene. I won’t be able to reach the same producing level as him.. but I try to get as near as possible! Shadow Child is a lot deeper. Which I also love a lot. So I try to combine Future And Deep house as much as possible in my own sounds, let’s say that I wanna have a little bit of both worlds in my music.

You thought of the whole package!
So, what was it like playing “the big ones” like Tomorrowland, Laundry Day and Studay? – As breathtaking as they say?

It has been a crazy summer for me, Really. Still getting goosebumps when I look back at it. It was the second time that I participated for the Tomorrowland DJ Contest, just like so many other Belgian dj’s.

And then you receive a phone call that you’re one of the final 4.

I could not believe it, It was already a dream coming true for me to play a live-set on Studio Brussel. I was already satisfied at that point. After winning the semi-final I had to participate in the final the other day against a very good friend of mine, Major Maeyer. But on that moment… it’s music before friendship. We had to play 10 years tomorrowland in 10 minutes.. I just selected 3 classics that reminded me from the 1st time is visited tomorrowland.
When i won that final, everything started rolling… Playing at Tomorrowland was superb. I played the 1st AND the last track of Tomorrowland 2014. Started out at The Gathering at Dreamville the 1st weekend. A very cool stage and you know, already a lot of people showed up for my set, Really crazy… The second set was true madness. I got the privilege to close down Dreamville Radio powered by Studio Brussel the last day of the second weekend, you could call it the official Tomorrowland after party, because I played till 01h and the festival stopped at 00h. So everybody was coming back from the festival-grounds and they were still in the party-mode, so we built a little party with thousands of people. CRAZY.
2 weeks after Tomorrowland I received another email, asking me to come & play at Laundry Day. Another dream coming true! Playing in my hometown, at the festival that I’ve been visiting since I was 12 years old.
And after that I got contacted by Kurious. Another big dream coming true. I think every DJ wants to be part of an artist – agency, right? They gave me such a good feeling. They told me they were hosting a stage at StuDay… And if I wanted to come and play a set. Of course I said yes. Damn, what a party. It was a privilege to give a nice smooth little warm up for Station Earth, Soul Shakers, Captain Steel & Skyve! Topped off with the awesome dance-moves by the one and only Radikal crew… Let’s say there was an instant family feeling [laughs]

Amazing. Calling that a crazy summer is indeed in no way exaggerated…
Next question! Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

Hmm, that’s a though one. I’m just focusing on making my own music at the moment, I think that’s the only way to get up in the music scene. Of course I’m dreaming of the big stages & Festivals in Belgium & across the world…. But I just take everything day by day, step by step. Keeping your feet to the ground and having a lot of ambition and patience.. plus putting in hard work are key to success I believe.
I’m just enjoying every minute when I’m standing behind the decks, because you never know when it’s gonna end.

And are you one for evolving as an artist, or would you choose a different moniker if you’d feel the music took another direction?

I think that music will always be something central in everyone’s life. There is no life without music, im sure of that. Every music genre will have their ups and their downs.
But I think it’s important that everyone stays in their own genre (or sub-genre) Nowadays there are SO many house-Techno dj’s because it’s hot at the moment, but who knows what it’s gonna be in a few months/years. I will always stay loyal to House & Techno.

Like to hear that! Alright. Last one. The burning question… Are you a Dr. Oetker kinda person, or more of a Quiche guy?

Dr Oetker for sure! Casa Di Mama baby!!!

Thanks for the Interview Laurent and we wish you all the luck in the world!

StuBru invited Kurious

Posted on: 2014 November 6th


StuBru invited Kurious to drop beats for Gunther D’s “Veel te vroege weekendmix”

Because the weekend can never start off too soon….
Kurious’ Soul Shakers, Coolman and Station Earth dropped an evidently smashing 10 minute “Te vroege Weekendmix” for Gunther D’s radioshow. These guys might just leave you in dire need of a party, but please do not hold us accountable for it!


Play these mixes loud and shake that booty like there’s no tomorrow.

Station Earth

Check out our Agenda or our previous posts to find them on a party near you soon!

Soul Shakers

Stay Kurious and watch this space for more on our troopers soon!


Posted on: 2014 November 4th


Here at Kurious, we’ve made the pledge to bring you quality music that you can download for free. Our first release brought you a tune by Jarvis and Jabo, this time our beloved Soul Shakers troops deliver the goods!

The tune is a delightful (unofficial) remix of one of those real classics… three notes in and you know what song is playing. That kind of classic. Gabriel Rios is a very talented musician and Broad Daylight is a song that’s been putting smiles on people’s faces for ten years (!) now.
It has a sweet build up, with those amazing vocals we’ve all come to know and love. Next to that, its a 100% dancefloor proof. The subtle Moombahton elements bring it to a neat and danceable level that will appeal to a broad audience. The tune has been thoroughly tested during the festival season and it did exactly what we aimed for: it brought that smile to the faces of the party heads..
Well, it’s something that we at Kurious deem very important.

Are you Kurious for the result?
Listen and download below! Let us know what you think on our facebook page and follow us for interesting news and pics on Instagram too!



15 years Turntable Dubbers – WIN!

Posted on: 2014 October 24th

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-24 om 13.03.16

First off. Has it been 15 years already? Damn. The Turntable Dubbers are an unmistakable force to be reckoned with, and are clearly here to stay… The two super friendly lads have seen quite a few acts come and go, and they’ve always sticked to their guns: quality dance vibes with a mash-up touch that includes all types of dub and reggae. It truly is a unique sound that you have to witness live to get enchanted with! I decided to practice the ancient use of making a phone call and see if i could get a good story out of them…

The past 15 years have seen these dubcats end up on a beach in France for a gig that threw off any and all contestants for the surfing competition that took place the day after – in a true hangover epidemic fashion. They bought their first set of Technics vinyl players with cash that was thrown around by a drug dealer pursued by the local police force. What?! One of them had to pour piss over the windshield while driving through a blizzard, just to make sure the tour van didn’t froze shut. The Turntable Dubbers mean business.

Last year saw them have an amazing time at Bestival and Boomtown Flair in the UK which only adds to their already impressive list of gigs (Werchter anyone?).
Spoiler alert! They may even be on the verge of releasing their debut album…
You’ve heard it here first.

Last but not least, you can WIN a FREE duoticket for the birthdayparty! Petrol Antwerp will be the place to be on November 15. One bad ass party with Soul Shakers, Murdock, Turntable Dubbers, Million Stylez and Laston&Geo. More info HERE.
Now make sure you win those tickets by sharing this post on your facebook wall and tagging Kurious and Turntable Dubbers in it! The winners will be contacted personally.

An introduction into Dj Detweiler

Posted on: 2014 October 20th


If you haven’t thrown down to any tune by DJ Detweiler yet, then its about time. Just imagine any amazing and/or awful hit that’s popped up the mainstream music wave the past couple of years, and add a huge amount of mesmerisingly melodic auditive pleasure to it. To be precise, the build-up to these tunes stays untouched – but when the drop comes, you will be blown away by the most intricate and sophisticated of flute notes. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

Detweiler is a mystical German producer who’s currently residing in Berlin, and had his/her world blow up last year after his/her first works caught people’s attention. The Dj had some of the most successful artists contact her ever since, to get a remix going or just to give feedback. Check out the impressive list on his/her equally impressive website. Detweiler has had an extensive touring schedule and will be tearing up Antwerp next weekend at Klein Bazenfestijn IV. Dust off that flute you (ab)used in high school and get whomping!

Soundcloud’s $29M in growing pains

Posted on: 2014 October 20th


As the website filed its annual turnover and operating losses just a few days ago, it appears Soundcloud is deep in the red numbers. What’s impressive is that they are en route to reach the 200 million listeners per month. So how can it be that a company that is steadily growing is in such bad financial shape?
According to the notes Soundcloud added to its filing, “We are in a phase of growing SoundCloud into the market-leading platform for listening to, creating and sharing sound. This has necessitated investment in technology, headcount and marketing. Our overhead base has increased faster than our revenues.”

This sounds like a reasonable explanation. Companies all over the world struggle to stay up to date whilst attaining enough (and, preferably, continuously more) revenue. But is there a solution at hand as well? Soundcloud has been testing the water on getting some major labels and brands on board for a while now, but without result as of yet. It appears that the website is in dire need to find more funding soon, especially if it keeps growing at this pace. Websites / apps like Spotify and Pandora have been getting involved with big labels for a while now. Whats keeping Soundcloud from doing the same? Stay tuned for updates as we keep an eye on the Soundcloud story.

Aye Captain

Posted on: 2014 October 17th


Our beloved Captain is leaving us! No fear young ones, he shall return before year’s end. Captain Steel has just finished an amazing summer full of festival debauchery and shows for days. Collaborations with the Buraka Som Systema crew that got air time on some seriously fantastic shows, own productions of stellar qualitiy, the Capt’n is not done with the magical world of music yet!


But as was announced on his Instagram, he is leaving antwerp on board of his new job for the months to come. Fare well Steel, come back safe and have a great trip!

Get ready for Station Earth

Posted on: 2014 October 16th

station earth

Station Earth doesn’t need much of an introduction anymore now do they? The young duo has been murking smooth D&B tracks from the getgo and have been receiving support from none other than Brookes Brothers and Logistics, for instance.

Now get this. The two are working on a new single to be released on Nemesis Recordings by the end of the year! 2 fresh new slabs of trademark Station Earth vibes to space out on. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground!
In the meanwhile you can catch them laying down the law of the bass at selected dates. The 25th of october at Edegem ( Motion ), the 1st of november at Lokeren ( Music Never Stops ), the 5th of november at Ghent ( decadance ) and last but not least the 6th of december at Amsterdam ( Liquicity )!

Dont sleep on our space cadettes, your fix can be found here


Posted on: 2014 October 14th

U001 - Jarvis & Jabo - Dance With You - Cover (2000x2000)

Kurious about our first free release? We brought together Jarvis, an Islandic inmate from a prison near the volcano Eyjafjallajökul with Belgian beat maker Jabo.
In a few words? Moombahton meets soul meets rave meets 2014!

The wait is over, U001 is here! Jarvis and Jabo teamed up to bring this bombshell of a tune right to your download folder.
Both guys have made some interesting work up until now. Jabo’s journey through sound has been heavy. His work has been supported by the likes of Phat Deuce and A-Trak. This young kid from the beat blocks showcased a lot of talent and we’ll be expecting a lot more from this bloke. Jarvis, on the other hand, is a mysterious newcomer to the scene. Allegedly this music lover originated in Iceland, near the volcano Eyjafjallajökul. He currently resides in a prison (location disclosed) for reasons unknown. Fortunately for Kurious, he has a lot of spare time to provide some kick ass music. You’ve got to love mystery men!

Dance with you is build up around a strong piano line, backed by a smooth amen break and a catchy vocal to intensify it all. And what about those swirling synths that break loose only shortly after?!
Couple of our own henchman have already pledged to take this one with them on tour, so “Dance With You” has been tested and approved on the summer festivals.
Expect this track to be played in clubs near you soon enough!

Stay Kurious for more!

Shake your soul

Posted on: 2014 October 14th


Our own Soul Shakers have been up to quite some interesting stuff of late. They’re putting their backs behind the new ‘Lighters Up’ concept, where they themselves bring artists from every corner of the urban beats world. Check it out on their website or facebook page!
Combine this with a rather extensive touring schedule and you know they get down! Catch the mad vibeheads on any of these dates and let us know if they gave you a bad case of the SHAKES!

15/10 – Lighters Up w/ DJ FUNK – Charlatan, Gent
16/10 – Rimboe Riddim ADE – Winston Kingston, Amsterdam (NL)
25/10 – Bellefest – Hopschuur, Bornem
31/10 – Halloween – Charlatan, Gent
07/11 – Lighters Up XXL – JOC Wijland, Puurs
14/11 – Lighters Up w/ Mo Laudi – Charlatan, Gent
15/11 – Turntable Dubbers night @ Petrol – TBC
27/11 – Lokomotion – Rumba, Leuven
28/11 – Lighters Up – De Harmonie, Oudenaarde TBC
03/12 – Lighters Up w/ Dj Shepdog – Charlatan, Gent
06/12 – Bal in de Box – KVS, Brussel
20/12 – Soul Shakers 7th Bday Party – Private
31/12 – TBC


Posted on: 2014 October 14th


10 crossover zouk tunes that you need to get into
The genre discussion has been around for a while now and its real interesting to take a look at what some of the producers out there are experimenting with. Listed below are a couple of guys that mix in all kinds of influences like a tasty sauce marinade for the base made out of stout Zouk beats. Can you pinpoint the different genres used here?
Some unadultered, straight temperature rising fun can be had with these bangers!

1. Pickster – Badman Vice

2. Bro Safari – Fang Banger

3. Buraka Som Sistema – Sente

4. Jstjr – Valhalla

5. 2Pekes – Deep in Zouk Bass

6. Buraka Som Sistema – Zouk Flute

7. Jackal – Shakedown

8. Chris Val – Reply To This

9. Branko Feat. Compadre – Rama Dum

10. SaBBo – Talking Dol